Big Spaceship joined forces with Google Play and Paramount Pictures to create a unique and immersive experience to generate excitement around the release of the movie “Interstellar”. The first release was a Space Hunt where fans could navigate through open space to unlock exclusive trailers and discover new content. The second release was Transmissions where future fans could explore even more content including the science behind the film, behind-the-scenes footage and games. The third release was a Time Capsule where users could upload their messages for future generations. The submissions resulted in a crowdsourced film.

Creative Direction, UX & Design

Big Spaceship

The Beginning

We were given a very open brief for the project which was both daunting and exciting. We started from scratch with digital sketches and quick concepts. This was a great way to quickly communicate ideas to the client and apply feedback.

Space Hunt

We created an outer space environment where visitors could navigate around planets and through blackholes to collect exclusive content in anticipation of the movie’s release. Built with webGL, we added another layer of interaction to the mobile experience by taking advantage of the phone’s gyroscope. Visitors could hold their phones up to the sky and turn their bodies to navigate the visual world we created.


We created the Transmissions section as a way to display the official movie materials. This was a hub where the details of the Movie’s cast, photo gallery, trailers and future events lived.


We created unique animated svgs icons throughout the website to guide visitors through the experience.

Time Capsule

This final section was launched after the film started appearing in cinemas. This section allowed inspired fans to submit their videos that they feel beautifully showcase life on planet Earth. The footage received was then cut to produce a short film called “Emic” which was made available on Google Play.

Dabney Donigan

Eric Willenson
Paul Graffam
Ian Solano
Joe Wanko
Thomas McCabe

Lindsay Brady
Lynn Fasano
Aviar Couillard



The Branding Collection

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