Dipp App

Dipp is an app that allows users to discover places and curate favorites through peer recommendation rather than through an unknown critic or sea of reviews. I suggested a new, refreshed logo design that felt and worked better in the mobile space. The design of the app is fun, friendly and easy to understand. 

Brand, UX & Design

14x9 Inc

Add a Place

After “dipping” your favorite places, users are encouraged to tell share what they like about the place.

Discover through Friends

We knew that people trust the recommendations from their friends and people they look up to most. So we specially made it so that it’s a small community of people sharing their favorite places. Less results, but more curated.

Product Introduction

To introduce the app, we deconstructed the UI of the app and demonstrated how the app can be used in different situations by different users.




Branding & eCommerce

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